The Competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Foundation is a private nonprofit organization that began its activities in 1999.


The CENTROMYPE Foundation was created by initiative of the Multilateral Investment Bank (now the Development Bank of El Salvador - BANDESAL) and the Program for Microenterprise Development (FOMMI); addressing the need for an organization to promote the competitiveness of micro and small Salvadoran companies, through the generation of business links with other companies, both nationally and internationally.



CENTROMYPE Foundation’s role


Since 1999, CENTROMYPE Foundation has been the responsible institution for providing marketing management services to the micro and small enterprise services; therefore, their projects and services comprise the search for better and greater business opportunities for the industry's products.


Since its inception, the CENTROMYPE Foundation has been commissioned to facilitate an encounter between SME's with larger ones, through business relationships nationally and internationally. Through time, the foundation has expanded its role to operate as a one-stop shop for project management.


 Under this framework, the CENTROMYPE Foundation has incorporated into its operational plans, projects and complementary services designed to strengthen corporate governance and improve the products of MSMEs to increase their competitiveness through training, technical assistance and trade promotion.