The organizational structure of CENTROMYPE has as ultimate authority the Board of Directors, represented only by the Development Bank of El Salvador since the end of FOMMI II program of the European Union. The Board of Directors delegates the management of the foundation in a Board of Directors composed by professionals in the public and private sectors, which are chosen considering their extensive professional experience and their contribution to the MSME sector.

As a direct report to the Board is the General Manager, who is responsible for conducting the operation of the Foundation, according to the provisions and resolutions of the Board, ensuring compliance with institutional objectives and goals.

For the implementation of work plans, general management rests on two or operational area managers that are:

Project Management: Responsible for coordinating with the technical staff assigned to the implementation, monitoring and supervision of projects managed by CENTROMYPE, providing the necessary technical support in the development of activities.

Financial & Accounting Division: Responsible for coordinating administrative, financial and personnel matters; also generating financial reports and statements of expenditure of ongoing projects.

Operationally, the foundation has the following technical staff:

  • Project coordinators: They are responsible for coordinating with technical advisors, the characteristics of each of the projects under their responsibility activities. Appointment or incorporation of coordinators depend on the number of projects managed..
  • Technical Advisors: These are directly responsible for the care of MSMEs, performing advocacy, counseling, training, collaborative partnerships, monitoring and supervision of the services that are provided by external consultants, among others, the number of technical advisers is a function of the number of projects implemented.
  • Computer consultant: He is responsible for managing technical and project information databases of beneficiaries, in addition to providing computer support to the entire organization. Financial Assistant: Provides support in the financial and accounting management of the foundation, recording accounting transactions and generating financial reports that are required.
  • Administrative Assistant: Provides support in the management of purchases and payments to suppliers, receiving calls and correspondence, as well as taking care of visitors.

In addition to the above staff, CENTROMYPE Foundation has an extensive database of over 100 consultants experts in various subject areas, which are outsourced to specialist services when required.