"My family noticed my transformation . Thanks to Centromype I am a businessman and have vision of how to evolve".

Erick Alejandro Perez Salinas. 27 years. He began his project with Centromype on August 14th, 2014

“The need for a better job, one that could provide better revenue, was my main reason for starting in the  entrepreneurs program. I had plenty of time working at baking and distributing bread, but I was only an employee: a street vendor who did not see my income. I spent all day selling and trying my best, but the money was never enough. I saw the need more income, so, as I went to Centromype to seek advice on how to start my own company.”



"This business has changed my life and my son. With the support of Centromype , I felt the security and went to training to make sorbet".

Johana Hernandez a young single mother, decided in February 2014 to undertake an artisan ice cream shop.

After several months of being unemployed and worried because her debts kept growing, she enrolled at an employment agency to find a job that could help her economic needs. It was there where she was referred to CENTROMYPE, where she found training and encouragement to become an entrepreneur.

This is how she starts her business idea. To learn how to make ice cream, she had to travel to San Salvador, with the idea of making her dream come true and start selling handmade sorbets in her own town: Tepecoyo. This would give her child a better quality of life. The dedication and perseverance has now allowed her to maintain her own business without a boss, and with good profits thanks to self-administration.


"Now I won the project and I have to pay for college and for my family economy has improved a lot and now I think ... If I had the business would spend hard".

The three-year life of "The Brother" is the story of a company that was born as a family dream come true with effort, perseverance and hard work. And now, after six months of joining Centromype`s entrepreneurial program, it is becoming the preferred tire business in Tepecoyo. Its owner, Wilmer Fernández Martínez Eliezer, says that what began as a humble project in the family´s backyard is headed to become, not only a strong tire repair shop, but also a shop specializing in motorcycle and bicycle repairs.