More than 5,000 young socially vulnerable municipalities Sacacoyo, Tepecoyo, Talnique and Jayaque department of La Libertad and Soyapango, in San Salvador, have benefited from the "Youth and Employment" Agreement, a Bi-National intervention with the financial support of the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) for a planned four years span; developed in Honduras and El Salvador.


In El Salvador, the AECID program aimed at young people with limited access to social and economic resources. Through its Labor Component, the program enabled job counseling to students in high school and the articulation of an employment opportunities database, all this in coordination with the Ministry of Labour.

The Culture and Leisure component designed a major curricula called "FORJARTE" (training through art) developing artistic disciplines at school and after-school. These activities helped develop invention thinking, self-discovery, social skills, character building and imagination; thus integrating the ​education in values and job training.

The Entrepreneurship component is aimed at inserting these young people into society and culture, but also into employment or self-employment opportunities. Hence, a training process was developed with different business plans, which they have turned into 30 new youth enterprises. These companies have benefited from seed capital, business advice, business incubation and linked to the Balsam & Coffee Enterprise Network through Centromype.

Thanks to the unconditional support of the AECID, the youth received training in theoretical and practical work in classrooms, and even a first work experience through internships in companies, providing them with skills and knowledge to execute a trade.