The Engineer Illiana Castro, General Manager CENTROMYPE participates in the forum called "Opportunities for entrepreneurs in El Salvador", organized by the Technological University of El Salvador, in order to motivate young students to undertake, even if in the country are difficult conditions to bear.

During his participation, Engineer Castro provided key information on the various programs, funds and activities that Centromype has for the development of projects in El Salvador and sent a message to young people who come to develop their skills, know and learn seeking support and train.

San Salvador, 17 de noviembre de 2014

The CENTROMYPE Foundation in order to support more than 35 people dedicated to the art and culture of our country, closed the diploma "Creative Industries and the Digital Environment", under the agreement signed between Centromype and Bandesal.

The course was promoted by the Ministry of Culture and aimed at people working artists and art as architects, directors house of culture, historians, musicians, graphic designers, circus art and painters among others.

The course lasted 40 hours and participants had the opportunity to acquire knowledge of digital technology and business issues, among others.


San Salvador, November 18, 2014

More than 5,000 young socially vulnerable municipalities Sacacoyo, Tepecoyo, Talnique and Jayaque department of La Libertad and Soyapango, in San Salvador, they have benefited from the "Youth and Employment" Agreement Binational intervention with the financial support of the AECID and with a planned duration of four years; developed in Honduras and El Salvador.

In El Salvador, the AECID program aimed at young people with limited access to social and economic resources, enabled through the Employment constituents job counseling to students from schools in high school and the articulation of an employment, in coordination with the Ministry of Labour.

The Cultural and leisure component, designed a major curricula called "forjarte" (training through art) developing artistic disciplines at school and out of school who helped invent, self-discovery, meet others, formed character and have imagination; thus integrating values education and job training.

The Entrepreneurship, AECID, component aimed to insert these young people into society and culture, but also in employment or self-employment. Thus, a training process was developed with different business plans with which they have created and promoted 30 new youth enterprises. These companies have benefited from seed capital, business advice, business incubator form and linked to the Balsam & Café enterprise network through Centromype.

Thanks to the unconditional support of the AECID, Young received training to theoretical and practical work in classrooms and a first work experience through internships in companies in order to provide them with skills, knowledge and skills to execute a trade.

Thus, the AECID, responds to the realities of Salvadoran youth in each area of intervention.


San Salvador, January 7, 2015

In order to help entrepreneurs of micro and small enterprises to become suppliers of goods and services from the Central Government, Autonomous and Municipal Institutions, the Promotion Foundation of Competitiveness of Micro and Small Enterprises CENTROMYPE with CONAMYPE support and BID implements the program to support MYPE in government procurement.